Customer Photos and Reviews

Customer’s photo:
Terry Fairchild.4

Customer Name: Terry
Garden Shed Purchased: 8×8 summerhouse.
Review: Very happy with this product delivered on time and date agreed, easily assembled and very good quality for price. Would recommend this to anyone 10 out of 10.

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Customer Name: David
Garden Shed Purchased: Shire 4×6 overlap shed
Review: It was very easy to assemble and looks very good once completed. The shed has been used to provide an instant utility room.  This has freed up space in the kitchen and removed the noisy appliances outside.  The total expenditure was a small fraction of what any other utility room would have cost.

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Customer Name: Emma
Garden Shed Purchased: Overlap 4×6 double door dipped no window
Review: We are very happy with the product, easy to assemble and sturdy enough too.

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Customer Name: Andy
Garden Shed Purchased: Hampton summerhouse

Customer’s photo:
Finished shed (1)

Customer Name: Christine
Review: Here’s a pic of our finished shed and some of the team that built it.  I absolutely love it!!!  I take in rescue rabbits and use the shed to keep all my supplies in – bales of hay, wood shavings, etc.  We previously had a brick shed with a massive hole in the floor that I kept falling through so my hubby has treated me to this!  As you can see we even opened a bottle of bubbly and out up bunting to celebrate!  We’re not great at DIY and it’s the biggest project we’ve done – having to knock the brick one down first and then build this.  But we took our time, did everything properly and it’s fab!!!!  I would definitely recommend it!.